The Force is not strong with these investments

    In honor of the upcoming Star Wars movie to be released in 2016 (ValueTrend is a happy long termed holder of Disney stock. Go Darth, go!) I thought I would cover 5 securities that most certainly have not had the force working on their sides. Here are 5 trades that should be avoided [...] read more

Defensive securities rebounding: a warning sign?

Typically, the time to buy the defensive sectors (bonds, utilities) is over the summer, and during market corrections.  Except in extreme case scenarios like 2008/9 – where mass panic will drive all securities down – these sectors can often act as non-correlated, or even negatively correlated assets during market pullbacks. Sometimes investors will call bonds [...] read more

Leading indicators suggest correction approaching

  While you and I should watch market trends (peak & trough movements) as our ultimate decision making tool, there are a few leading indicators that technical analysts should be watching as clues to the future. One such tool is sentiment. Below is a chart, courtesy of, illustrating the ratio of smart money vs. dumb [...] read more

Congratulations on Becoming Rich!

  This being the Chinese Lunar New Year Kung, I thought I would start off this email with the traditional greeting of  “Hei Fat Choy” –which roughly translates into “Congratulations on Becoming Rich”. Investors have done well if you heeded my suggestions to consider an investment in Chinese equities originally back in July 2014, [...] read more

Loonie about to land

The Canadian loonie has been waging a 2-way war since 2011. First, it has faced challenges of swimming against the tide of the world’s strongest currency – the USD. By itself, the USD has been leaving virtually all major currencies in its dust for the past 3 years. The loonies second challenge came as oil [...] read more