Loonie for the loonie

  Here’s a chart of the loonie vs. the USD that I have posted on this blog site many times before. It’s amazing how the support line, which I drew years ago on my original post, held until late last year – and now has become resistance. Sometimes this technical analysis stuff actually works, folks [...] read more

Casino stocks: worth the gamble?

  We’ve been looking at some casino stocks lately. Certainly, it’s been a better  move to buy the casino stocks than to invest (if that’s what you wish to call it) in their gaming machines and card tables. It’s like the banks—why buy underperforming bank-sold mutual funds and brokerage-sold wrap accounts, when you can buy [...] read more

Time for gold and silver?

  Seasonally, July can often start off strong and finish its rally into about the mid-point of the month for the broad S&P 500 index (source: Thackray’s 2014 Guide). From that point, late July and August can be a bit more “iffy”, at least from a seasonal perspective. According to Thackray, August on the whole [...] read more

We’ve had the “Zig”, what about the “Zag”?

  Stockcharts.com, as well as other charting software services, offer a tool known as the “ZigZag” tool. The ZigZag tool is not an indicator—it simply filters out smaller price movements. Stockcharts has a default setting of 5% (although you can change this as you wish).  The 5% setting ignores all price movements less than 5%, [...] read more

Commodities breaking out

  The CRB index appears to have broken out of a large symmetrical triangle. Its consolidating at this moment, but should the formation carry forth, we can look for a target of around 400 on that index. The traditional method of measuring a potential move out of a triangle is to measure the widest part [...] read more