Nasdaq downside target

Despite recent market weakness, the S&P 500 and broad NYSE stocks continue to show healthy depth of breadth. Note the recent new highs on both the A/D line (black) and the S&P 500 (red) on the chart above. The A/D line is also well above its 40 week (200 day) MA, illustrated by the blue [...] read more

Commodities are trending lower

I’ve presented the above 200 year commodity chart in the past on this blog and in some of the publications that I write for. This cycle shows us that commodities, as a group, tend to have about a 33 year peak-trough-peak average. We are currently in the downswing part of the commodity cycle. If the [...] read more

Small caps: down but not out

  The small caps (U.S. Russell 2000 and iShares CDN small cap index fund) began declining in July, differing from the North American large caps (S&P 500 and TSX 300) – which continued their aggressive uptrend over the same period. Is it game over for North American small caps? Let’s see what the charts have [...] read more

Sometimes a low volume rally is bullish!

Its normal to see lower volume over the summer. However, it’s also fairly typical to see less upside on the markets along with that low volume – especially in August and September. An unusual situation occurred in August—the market rose in somewhat in a somewhat parabolic fashion on declining volume. Jason Goepfert of has [...] read more

One of these stocks is not like the other

          A reader asked me for a commentary on Canadian telecoms. To cover this sector, I will be looking at the “Big 3” in today’s blog. Please feel free to comment below if you would like any of the Canadian or US sectors covered in a future blog. Canadian telecoms are [...] read more