One of these stocks is not like the other

          A reader asked me for a commentary on Canadian telecoms. To cover this sector, I will be looking at the “Big 3” in today’s blog. Please feel free to comment below if you would like any of the Canadian or US sectors covered in a future blog. Canadian telecoms are [...] read more

Agriculture stocks better bet than agriculture commodities

  One of the readers asked me for my take on the Agriculture sector. I was glad to cover it, because this sector presents an interesting dilemma to the investor. Seasonal tendencies for agriculture, according to my pal Brooke Thackray, suggest a buying opportunity from August until the end of the year. The dilemma for [...] read more

Energy Sector: buy or avoid?

The energy sector has been tossed around a bit, given geopolitical events in Russia and Iraq . Geopolitical events, BTW, has been the “catch phrase” of the past decade – for obvious reasons. Below are some mid termed and short termed charts for WTIC and Nat. Gas. The second “season” for energy stocks is upon us—the [...] read more

Contentedly Complacent

  Back in late 2007, when I still worked for CIBC Wood Gundy, one of my clients was interviewed by the Financial Post. The title of the article was “Contentedly Contrarian”. In the interview, my client was glowing about my contrarian investment style—I had saved him, and other clients, from the 2006 income trust meltdown, [...] read more

Walmart may signal market direction

Wal-Mart reports its Q2 financials this Thursday August 14th. As you will note on the longer termed chart above, the company has been consolidating in a large symmetrical triangle for over a year. The shorter termed chart (daily chart) below shows us that Walmart has reached a near termed oversold condition and is rallying off [...] read more