Put this sector on your shopping list

  In my last blog, I noted a few sectors that may begin to give way – as markets rotate into higher beta positions. I promised that I would begin –starting today – noting the sectors that are beginning to look attractive. I’d like to start with the tech sector. Technology is the single favorite idea, [...] read more

Be cautious about these market sectors

  During a rotational bull market such as the one we have been in for the past couple of years, leadership changes hands – money rolls from  a currently strong sector into a formerly weaker sector or stock. I suspect that a few of the current market leaders – many of which have been defensive [...] read more

NASDAQ buying opportunity

  After a panic blow off such as last Wednesdays, there are typical signs to follow that suggest a bottom has occurred. Tuesday highlighted one of those typical patterns.  The rally was broad-based (good breadth) and it was one of the largest gains in many months. Jason Goepfert of www.sentimentrader.com took a look at the instances [...] read more

Time to buy approaching!

I’m posting my S&P 500 chart with updated annotations that I’ve presented a few times over the past 3 weeks. This weeks chart (below) shows a few developments, which I’ve circled, leading me to believe that we may have seen the capitulation bottom last Wednesday. I’ll go over these points here: Two back to back [...] read more

Time to get fired up about natural gas?

  Earlier this year, Nat Gas broke out of a 2-year consolidation pattern to reach a price point not seen since 2011. The Nat. Gas ETF UNG chart is shown below, and we can see a nice level of volume indicating significant participation in this sector on the breakout. By late June, however, the party [...] read more