History may show us when to buy oil

  My apologies for not posting a blog earlier this week. I am on a “working vacation”—meaning that I am enjoying some “sun and fun” bike training in Florida, but trying to get a little work in here and there between bike rides. I am back next week for the usual routine. Oil is likely [...] read more

Natural gas is at a tipping point

  Somebody asked me to write a piece on the outlook for natural gas, so here goes: The big picture is kind of “iffy” for gas right now. As seen on today’s chart–the spot price of gas may find support at the current $2.80-ish area—which lines up with the old neckline of its 2012 head [...] read more

Everybody’s bullish…which is bad, right?

  A friend and I went to lunch the other day.  I wore a bow tie—having just learned the art of tying a bow tie over the holidays (no clip-on for me, thankyou!). The waitress commented that she doesn’t see men wearing bow ties – it was different. My friend, who has known me from [...] read more

Strong like bull!

  The past few days saw much of the Santa Clause Rally’s gain evaporate on the S&P 500 – although we are still above the index’s December 2014 low point. Is the market in danger of a major selloff? Lets look at the technicals to see what might give us an answer to that question. [...] read more

Will currencies hinder your Chinese and Indian securities?

You may be aware that I have been long the Chinese and Indian markets for the latter part of 2014  – here’s one of my blogs on that call: http://www.smartbounce.ca/?p=3341 One of my clients recently asked me about the Chinese Yuan. Specifically, they wanted to know if the Yuan might be a negative, or a [...] read more