TSX: Make it or break it

The TSX is in the process of testing its October lows. Yesterdays positive move (and, so far, today’s) caused a ripple of movement on the near termed momentum indicators to the upside. Its far too early to be excited about the prospects of our home and native land’s index yet, but the TSX may, should [...] read more

The Ying and the Yang of the S&P500

  Its pretty hard to predict how deep the current correction may run for the S&P500. There are positives suggesting the bigger trend is intact, while there are negatives suggesting more near termed downside potential. Here are a few market indicators that I have been observing:   Positives – the Ying Bullish trend still intact [...] read more

Sorry, gold bugs

  Gold has rallied in the face of the recent selloff on world markets. That means the gold bear is over and we should back up the truck, right? Wrong. Let’s go back to “Technical Analysis 101”,  folks. What do we see on the chart below? Lower highs, lower lows. Price is below the 200 [...] read more

Short termed pullback, but Santa still looks to be coming

  The Santa Claus Rally takes place in the final week of December – and sometimes carries on for a few days after. It was first discovered by Yale Hirsch, author of Stock Traders Almanac. This rally caps the seasonal period of strength in the last half of December. After December, we often get the small [...] read more

Targets for the USD and loonie

  A number of investors have asked me if the US dollar has moved up too far, and if the CDN dollar has, consequently, been oversold. My answer to this question is this:  Unless something drastic happens to change things, the USD is likely to continue moving up, and the CDN $ is likely to [...] read more