Emerging markets are not all the same!

  China and India look bullish I’ve blogged on a couple of favorite emerging markets lately. Specifically, I quite like the charts of the Shanghai (China) and India (Bombay) indexes (http://www.smartbounce.ca/?p=3341). Buying country specific ETF’s or even select ADR’s (or GDR’s) are a great way to get exposure to those countries. In fact, 2 of [...] read more

Oil still on a slippery slope

  Crude oil is oversold, no doubt about it. Both weekly and daily charts show massively oversold oscillators. The problem is, for both near-termed (daily chart – below) and mid-termed (weekly chart – above) pictures, there is still very little evidence of a sustainable rally. The trend is down, MA’s have been shattered. The weekly [...] read more

Social media: a sector ready to “Like”?

The Global social media ETF contains such well-known names as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, and Google. When I tore the SOCL index ETF apart and looked at the individual charts of its stock holdings, none of the holdings looked bullish at this point. That makes sense, given the giant symmetrical triangle we’re witnessing on the [...] read more

This commodity is setting up for a big move

  Lumber, as seen on the continuous futures contract chart above, has been forming a giant triangle since 2013. To illustrate the significance of this formation, you will recall the triangle I had been watching oil form over the past 2 years. I had blogged a few times on this formation, suggesting that readers watch [...] read more

These 2 emerging markets look bullish

  The Indian market looks attractive right now. Earlier this year, the INP MSCI India index ETF broke out from a base that had been in place since 2012. The index ETF, which currently sits around $73 USD, looks to target $80-$84 at this time. If that target is cracked, the old highs of $100+ [...] read more