Sell in May or Stay in May?

  Before getting into my main topic today, please feel free to click on this link to see my BNN MarketCall appearance from Tuesday: My friend Brooke Thackray recently covered the probabilities of a traditionally weaker market during this year’s “Worst Six Months” traditional period of seasonal weakness in his seasonal investing newsletter. His [...] read more

Too many happy faces

I’ve been pounding the table lately about the increased level of investor complacency as the bull market has charged ahead. You can pull up any of my recent blogs, or Investors Digest / Moneyletter articles (available free at or review my last BNN appearance to hear me speak about too various signs of “too [...] read more

Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make

  On my last blog, I mentioned that we are seeing some very obvious rotation out of market leaders (high beta) into the defensive areas. Take a look at today’s chart and note the diverging Chalkin Moneyflow in the tope pane (which is a fast moneyflow indicator), the slower moving moneyflow indicator at the bottom of [...] read more

Risk on, risk off

The 2 charts above are those of the consumer staples sector and the utilities sector. These are just 2 of the sectors that are traditionally considered “defensive” on the stock market. Bonds are also considered a defensive asset class. Interestingly, as the S&P500 broad market index reaches new highs, we are witnessing rotation out of [...] read more

Market risk neutral… for now

  Regular readers of this blog will recognise my “Bearometer”, which is a compilation of 6 indicators that I watch to help give me a feel for market risk/reward. It is not a market timing vehicle. If the indicator reads bullish, it suggests less risk on the markets, if it reads bearish, it suggests greater [...] read more